Sonnyridge Dog Hammock & Seat Covers for Dogs. This Pet Car Seat Cover Protects Your Back Seat from Dirt, Hair or Dander. A Great Seat Protector for Dogs - Helps Keep Your Pet Safe.

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Brand: Sonnyridge

Color: brown


  • This dog hammock is designed with 3 layers, 1st layer is a heavy gauge super soft padded micro suede, middle layer is a waterproof layer made with polymer chemistry, this allows it to be more absorbent and have no odor, the outer layer is non-skid backing.
  • Seat protector for dogs - protects your pet from falling off the seat when you brake keeping your pet safe and making your drive more relaxing.
  • Sonnyridge seat covers for dogs was designed to keep the inside of your car, truck or SUV looking like new while protecting the back seat and floor from dirt, hair, dander and spills.
  • The back seat hammock creates a barrier to keep pets from climbing in the front seat making your drive more comfortable and safer.
  • Made from a super soft micro-suede material in a durable, heavy gauge, long lasting polyester that is padded and quilted and has no bad smell to it, 100% waterproof, with non-skid backing.

Publisher: Sonnyridge LLC

Details: Would you like to know the secret of having a happy and safe pet while you enjoy your car ride? The answer is the Sonnyridge Pet Hammock. The Sonnyridge Pet Hammock is the most versatile and advanced pet hammock on the market today. Your pet is going to love the soft micro-suede material and feel secure knowing he/she can't fall off the seat and onto the floor. You're going to be able to enjoy your car ride more knowing your pet can't get into the front seat or fall off the seat and get injured. The Sonnyridge Pet Hammock fits most vehicles as long as there are headrests, it has adjustable straps, openings for seat belts and is perfect for small or large pets. With a size of 57 1/2" x 58 1/2" and its golden brown color it looks great in all vehicles. It's made from a super soft micro-suede material and a durable heavy gauge long lasting polyester that has no bad smell to it. We believe we have the best pet hammock on the market today and we back it up with the strongest guarantee - 2 years.

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EAN: 820103388917

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